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Lucas Till

Hannah Montana The Movie is out on Disney Blu-ray and DVD from 7 September 2009! Bliss caught up with Miley's super sexy co-star, Lucas Till, to chat about girls, fans and Miley stealing a chicken!


bliss: What’s the funniest thing that happened on set?
Probably when Miley stole a chicken! She took a liking to this one chicken and kept picking it up and got attached to it. So she got her mum to drive up and put the chicken in a box of straw and drive off again. I guess she still has it as a pet!

bliss: In real life, do you go for girls like Miley Stewart or her alter ego Hannah Montana?
Definitely Miley Stewart. I don’t like flashiness or people who need too much attention.

bliss: You must have loads of female fans now. Did everyone fancy you in school?
No, I had braces and got picked on for being smaller than everyone else for years.

bliss: Does being famous make it easier or harder to find a girlfriend?
I haven’t had a girl since the Hannah Montana movie! I don’t understand! Why did I start acting? To get girls! Why is this happening? Ha ha, I’m joking, but it is harder as the girls who I was interested in before won’t talk to me in the same was as I’ve been in a movie.

bliss: Travis is all about the simple country life, so we have some questions to find out if you’re a country boy or a city boy at heart…

Barn dance or nightclub?
Barn dance.

Cowboy boots or high tops?
Cowboy boots.

Fishing or shopping?
Fishing – are you kidding? All guys would choose that!

Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga?
Taylor Swift.

Fast car or fast horse?

Ooh that’s a good one. But I’d have to say fast horse.

bliss: You were nominated in the Teen Choice Awards for the best kiss with Miley. What’s it like snogging in front of the camera?
Pretty awesome! When people asked me if I kissed Taylor or Miley I get to say yeah and there’s the evidence in film!



What's worst in a boyfriend?

a. Bad dress sense
b. Bad breath
c. Bad sense of humour