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Boyband blunder

Max Backtracks


Usually it's mouthy celebs and girlbands having backstage fights, but now a bit of a scuffle has kicked up between The Wanted and One Direction. Both bands are currently trying (and succeeding) to crack America, but last week, Max George told The Metro: "I’m not sure how well they’re actually doing yet, they’re more faces, if you know what I mean. I don’t think people really look at us over there as the same kind of band because I think people look at them more like a Jonas Brothers sort of band that are very TV and children’s magazine based. They make magazines instead of actually hearing them on the radio." Ouch. We assume by children's magazines he means teen magazines? ! Err, what's wrong with us, Max?!

Anyway, after Max insulted 1D, they were obviously annoyed, so The Wanted tried to smooth things over by apologising on Twitter. However, it seems that a few tweets didn't do enough to fix the sitch, and now a source has told Heat that The Wanted are having to massively backtrack so that One Direction fans don't turn against them! Eek! The source said: "The Wanted totally freaked out when their management told them that slagging off One Direction could turn their fans against them. That's why they tweeted saying that it had 'all been blown out of proportion'. It was their way of apologising." Then a music insider added: "It's not a good idea to start an argument with One Direction. They are working the same circuit at the moment. It's going to be really awkward when they bump into each other." Is it wrong that we kinda want to be there to witness this awkward meeting?! Who do you love more, The Wanted or One Direction?

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Submitted by Jo0110 on 2012-03-14 18:06:00.14.

RE: Max Backtracks

The Wanted, One Direction are only in the media because of their looks. And anyway the wanted are fitter and can sing better. They actually have meaningful songs as well.

Submitted by Aimeebabee98 on 2012-03-14 18:51:11.967.

RE: Max Backtracks

I love TW and can't stand 1D! I think that 1D could be better if they took things like Max said and used it to help them get away from that sort of thing and not take it as offence, TW wanted shouldn't have to be worried because ant loyal fan will stick with them through what ever including things like this.

Submitted by JennieLovesSexyJLS4Eva on 2012-03-16 12:38:21.843.

RE: Max Backtracks

OMG this is so pathestic i do like 1D and TW but sorry JLS r so much better n without JLS they wudnt be round even simon admitted without JLS being succsessful he wudnt ave put 1D together! PLUS why is it JLS ALWAYS congradulate 1D and TW on their achivements but TW or 1D dont say anythin back like wen they said well done 2 1D about their Brit! theyre only famouse 4 their looks, JLS r famous coz their kind funny charitable thoughtful fit sexy and actually have personalities

Submitted by FutureMrsAnetaSykes on 2012-03-21 12:19:03.663.

RE: Max Backtracks

of course TW.i love them so much and i'm proud of what they achieved so wothou TW wouldn't be the same. i hate 1D soooooo much!they copie TW with everything!just because TW got tu America they want 2 do it as well!they'r not even that nice looking!i used 2 like them at the beginnig but now...i'm sick of them! i used 2 hate JLS but now i think they r better than 1D but not as good as TW!